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10 Minute Workouts

10 Minute Workouts

Looking for a quick 10 minute workout? Feel better on the other side of a workout, no matter the time spent. Expect to be challenged in as little as 9-12 minutes! NOTE: If you are pregnant, postnatal or have diastasis recti, only use workouts within those specific programs. Find your workouts in the Pregnancy, Postnatal and Diastasis Recti programs.

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10 Minute Workouts
  • Express Arms

    We know you are short on time! Use this express workout to target your arms and side body with functional, unique exercises.

    Equipment needed: one light set of weights.

  • Kids Workout: Boot Camp

    Kid-Style Boot Camp! For kids ages 4-12.

  • Kids Workout: Play & Drill

    Kids workout ages 4-12. For the younger kids, grab 8-10 stuffed animals. For the older kids, follow Taylor, she uses no equipment.

  • Stretch: Just Flexibility

    8 must-do stretches after any workout! Complete with advanced layers.

  • Ab Burn

    Create a healthy core by targeting all muscles groups in the abdominal wall and deep tissues - so you work the abs from the inside out. It's a balance or traditional ab exercises and new unique moves to fire up the abs!

  • Stretch: Quads & Hams

    5-10 minute mini sessions that you can add-on to any workout! Equipment needed: foam roller and a stretching strap (or a neck tie)

  • Add On: side body

    5-10 minute mini sessions that you can add-on to any workout!

  • Add On: triceps, biceps & shoulders

  • Gentle Core Routine

    This gentle core workout is great for moms who have had a c-section (6+ weeks postpartum). We built in extra challenges in the last three exercises...please only do the "extra" after completing this workout a 2-3 times. Fire up your core in a healthy, gentle way. No equipment needed.

  • Stretch: Full Body

  • Core Foundation

    Literally the foundation to all of our programs! And the foundation to your healthy core. Start here, then add layers of difficulty after mastering these 9 moves.

  • Express Full Body Isolation

    This express workouts isolates the upper and lower body into separate moves. This helps you build a solid foundation. You will find some unique moves that incorporate your core in a safe manner.

    Equipment needed: one light set of weights and a resistance loop.

  • Add On: Lower Abs

    5-10 minute mini sessions that you can add-on to any workout! Optional equipment: 7-9" Pilates/Sponge ball

  • All Abs

    Improve your core with standing moves and functional core exercise. One hand weight is optional.

  • Fierce Core E

    Use a variety of core muscles to emphasize core stability, training your muscles simultaneously to create a healthy core. This is part of a core progression series.

    PREREQUISITE: Pretty Fierce program.

  • Fierce Muscle Splits: Biceps & Triceps

    Muscle Splits: we isolate the biceps and triceps with a number of different exercises.

    PREREQUISITE: Pretty Fierce program.

  • Post Workout Stretch

    Create length and flexibility with these 8 static stretches. This is a post-workout stretch so you should come into this session with warm muscles. Equipment Needed: hand towel.

  • Post-Run Add On

    8 exercises + 2 stretches you can add on to any running session. Equipment Needed: hand towel and wall.

    Exercise #1 Prone Glutes
    Exercise #2 Lateral Plank and Mobility
    Exercise #3 Push Up withe Core Stability
    Exercise#4 Quadruped Core
    Exercise #5 Hyperextension
    Exercise #6 Dead Bug
    Exercise #7 T...