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28 Day Strong

28 Day Strong

LENGTH: 4 Weeks
Do you love strength training workouts? This is the perfect challenge for all levels! Solid toning workouts 3 days a week, paired with optional cardio workouts 2 days a week. If your goal is to lean out and get healthy, spend the next 28 days getting strong with us!

28 Day Strong
  • HIIT

    7 exercises, 3 levels to follow. This HIIT workout combines cardio and toning with compound exercises for a fully effective full body workout.

    Equipment needed: one set of medium to heavy weights.

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  • Hot & Fast Cardio

    This is one of those sweat-dripping, endorphin giving, cardio workouts. Two rounds of pyramids and you won't even realize you've worked out for 17 minutes!

  • Tip: Posture during and after pregnancy

    We exercise 20-45 minutes per day. But we stand or sit 12-16 HOURS per day. Your default posture in sitting and standing is one of the biggest components to your core health!