Balanced & Fit Athlete

Balanced & Fit Athlete

This program is the perfect cross training compliment for runners, cyclists, swimmers, walkers, or any cardiovascular activity. It's 3 days a week focused on strength, dumbbell training, functional fine-tuning, core, and mobility. It's 20 years of exercise science and sweat built into one program. We focus on all planes of motion to keep your body healthy and balanced. Don't miss this!

LEVEL: Intermediate, Advanced
WORKOUTS: 19-45 minutes

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Balanced & Fit Athlete
  • Tip: How do I know I need Physical Therapy?

    PT’s specialize in the musculoskeletal system and how it has to ALL work together for efficient and pain free motion. Our bodies are REALLY good at compensating, and it is so helpful to have someone who is skilled in finding those compensations, correcting them and showing you how to keep them fr...

  • Functional Strength

    We will be strengthening your body in a healthy, functional way that mimics sport movement patterns. This workout is sure to fire up your heart rate as we move through 8 different exercises, finishing with your core. Equipment needed: medium weights, light weights < 5 lbs., and optional resistanc...

  • TRX Intervals II

    8 full body exercises - with the option to add 4 running intervals. This workout is sure to rev the heart rate (with or without the running option)! We use functional movement patterns in different planes of motion to create healthy muscles. Equipment needed: TRX.

  • Stretch: quads & hams

    5-10 minute mini sessions that you can add-on to any workout! Equipment needed: foam roller and a stretching strap (or a neck tie)

  • Stretch: Feet Rolling

  • Tip: Moderate Steady State Cardio

    What is the best type of cardio?

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