Barre Sport 2

Barre Sport 2

Barre Sport II - HIIT, Kick & Core marries Barre exercises with big cardio sessions (kickboxing and HIIT) and strength and dumbbell training, core mobility, and flexibility. NO dance experience is necessary, these workouts are for ALL levels. Barre isolates your muscles for excellent toning and provides a massive calorie burn while increasing heart health. It is balanced and meets multiple goals!

Each workout is about 25-30 minutes long and you can choose from a four or five day-a-week schedule. We also have calendars for my advanced fitness moms and those that run.

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Barre Sport 2
  • Cardio Abs (advanced)

    The perfect mix of heart and core health! Follow a 30/30 second circuit alternating cardio (heart) and ab (core) exercises. This is a fun workout! If you are following the advanced modification, grab a light dumbbell.

  • Transverse Abs: 7 for the TA

    Because the transverse abdominis (TA) is known as the corset muscle, it is the one we want to hit up to get those pre-mommy tummies back. We need train all four of our abdominal muscles (TA, rectus abdominis, internal and external oblique), but the TA is essential for getting a flatter tummy and ...

  • Core & Mobility: Rotations

    Increase mobility, range of motion and core health with these 6 moves. Equipment needed: small hand towel

  • Classic Barre III

    A classic barre workout with isolation arm work, isolation glute work, combined with compound movements incorporating the total body. Equipment needed: one light set of weights - recommended 2 & 3 lb. weights (5 lbs. maximum due to high repetitions), 6"-9" Pilates or 'Sponge' ball, sturdy chair ...

  • Add On: Barre Glutes

    5-10 minute mini sessions that you can add-on to any workout! Equipment needed: sturdy chair

  • Add On: Glutes

    5-10 minute mini sessions that you can add-on to any workout! Equipment needed: a sturdy chair and a set of heavy weights

  • Goal Sheet & Progress Tracker

  • Goal Sheet and Progress Tracker.pdf

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  • Barre Sport 2 Calendar.pdf

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  • Barre Sport 2 Advanced Calendar.pdf

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  • Barre Sport 2 Running Calendar.pdf

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  • Barre Sport 2 Calendar 3 Days per Week

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  • Low Impact Tabata Cardio

    This is one of those workout based on giving you a mental release and bettering heart health! We will use 8 different cardio moves to elevate the heart rate for a high-energy, low-impact cardio workout! Tabata-style 20 seconds go-time and 10 second recovery intervals. No equipment needed.