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Core Challenge

Core Challenge

The Core Challenge is all about loving your core through FUN & unique exercises. It's a combo of strength, cardio, mobility and a lot of CORE. The calendar is 3 weeks, 5 days per week with workouts that are 22-35 minutes. Includes big cardio sessions sure to leave you sweaty and improve your heart health. This program will meet you exactly where you are! You will find modifications to make the workouts easier or harder.

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Core Challenge
  • Day 19: Core, Cardio & Mobility

    This is a Dynamic workout - targeting the core, mobility or range of motion and heart health. These compound movements are sure to leave you sweaty!

    Circuit 1:
    Reverse Lunge to Knee Press
    (Advanced add agility)
    Power 30 Plank Shoulder Taps

    Circuit 2:
    Tabletop to Low Ab Lift
    (Advanced add pistol...

  • Day 20: Make Up a Missed Workout

    If you missed any workouts this week, use today to make-up that workout.

  • Day 21: Rest Day

    Rest days are equally as important as "work" days! Think of your rest day as a leisure or active recovery day, not a sedentary-do-no-activity day. Rest helps muscles recover and reduces micro trauma in muscles. In general some movement also reduces soreness, increases blood flow and reduces some ...

  • Day 21: What's Next?

    How can I serve you? You've completed an MIF program and are wondering which one is next. Fill out the entire survey below, or pick and choose which questions you’d like to answer. I will then email what I think serves your body, time commitment and lifestyle best. I am not always on top of my em...

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