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Watch this video and more on Moms Into Fitness

Watch this video and more on Moms Into Fitness

Week 3 Day 1: Full Body Strength and Stretch

Core • 33m

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  • Week 3 Day 2: Walk OR High Intensity ...

    This high intensity cardio is for all impacts, all levels. 30 seconds moderate intensity - 30 seconds sprint - 30 seconds rest. This is one of those workouts that gives you a mental release, all within the first few minutes! Also working aerobic capacity, your heart muscle:) With modifications to...

  • Week 3 Day 3: Full Body Circuit

    A circuit workout that is sure to leave you sweaty! This type of training increases the capacity of our bodies systems. We utilize compound exercises -- these work multiple joints and muscles simultaneously. We start the workout with mobility and end with flexibility. You will leave this workout ...

  • Week 3 Day 4: Walk OR Recovery Day Flow

    Flows to move fluids and create mobility -- promoting blood circulation to deliver oxygen, nutrients and hormones that help repair the body. Also helps to remove metabolic waste and reduce inflammation. After longer workouts your body works hard to return to its normal resting state...our energy ...