Daily 15

Daily 15

These 15 minute workouts keep your body healthy without taking up too much of your time. Choose one everyday or pick a few for the week! No need to plan ahead, just commit to nurturing yourself for 15 minutes, and I will take care of the rest!

Daily 15
  • March 24: Daily 15 Cardio Barre Abs

    A combination or cardio, barre and core moves based to the tempo of music. Use light weights to increase your heart rate and advance the core moves.

  • March 25: Daily 15 All Buns

    Tone your glutes, using functional, corrective moves and Pilates-based movements. You will also improve flexibility and rev the heart rate with this workout!

    Equipment needed: resistance loop (or leggings tied in a knot) needed.

  • March 26: Daily 15 Arm Workout

    This workout short uses simple, yet super effective moves to target the arms and shoulders.

    Equipment needed: one or two sets of weights.

  • March 27: Daily 15 Barefoot Cardio HIIT

    A gentle cardio HIIT workout. No equipment needed.

  • March 28: Daily 15 Boot Camp Buns and Abs

    Barefoot Boot Camp style moves for the buns and abs. This rep-based workout is sure to rev your metabolism and tone the tushy & core. No equipment needed.

  • March 29: Daily 15 Power Barre

    I know, I know...it's 22 minutes, not 15. But this workout is packed with combinations of low to medium impact barre exercises and power moves. This workout will increase heart health and tone muscles. This is a fun, tempo-paced workout!

    Equipment needed: light weights < 5 lbs.

  • March 30: Daily 15 Tabata Cardio

    Use 4 different athletic drills as you drip sweat through this workout! No equipment needed.

  • March 31: Daily 15 Gentle HIIT Core and Stretch

    Just as the name suggests, we work your entire body within this gentle HIIT workout, then we stretch - it - out. Don't let the word gentle trick you into thinking this is an easy workout, it's simply easy on the joints.

    Equipment needed: one light set of weights.