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Watch this video and more on Moms Into Fitness

Watch this video and more on Moms Into Fitness

Fierce Phase 1 Full Body (shorter version)

Fierce 4 • 43m

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  • Fierce Phase 1 Full Body

    A Full Body Circuit that challenges your strength, endurance and flexibility. I encourage you to use your heavy weights when suggested in the video. We are doing lower reps (increase strength) that use multiple muscle groups (increase endurance).

    Circuit 1:
    12 reps each, repeat circuit
    Forward L...

  • Fierce Phase 1 Lower Body

    In this rep-based lower body circuit we focus on one muscle group at a time. Take this workout at your own pace performing 15 reps each. Finish with 6 minutes of feel-good flexibility.

    Circuit 1:
    Hinged Reverse Lunge to 1 Leg Squat
    Elevated Squat
    Prone Glute Lift

    Circuit 2:
    Forward Lunge...

  • Fierce Phase 1 Upper Body & Core

    The 1st workout in our Fierce 4 series. Upper Body & Core Supersets - two exercises in a row using opposing muscle groups. All exercises are compound exercises, a sure-fire way to elevate the metabolic demand. Benefits = strength, heart (cardio) health and mobility.

    Superset 1:
    Upright Row