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Watch this video and more on Moms Into Fitness

Watch this video and more on Moms Into Fitness

Fierce Phase 4 Core & Mobility with Foam Roller

Fierce 4 • 24m

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  • Fierce Phase 4 Full Body

    A Full Body Circuit that challenges your strength, balance, endurance and flexibility through functional and traditional moves. This is a rep-based workout with a dynamic warm, three circuits and dynamic stretch:

    Circuit #1
    Unilateral Squat & Snatch
    Unilateral Row to Push Up
    Weighted Sit Up

  • Fierce Phase 4 Lower Body

    This lower body workout creates a challenge for your endurance, balance, mobility and strength. Exercises are timed so you can increase your cardio endurance by speeding up your reps. We add an agility move in between circuits for added intensity. We start the workout with a 7-minute dynamic stre...

  • Fierce 4 Phase 4 ... What's Next?

    You finished the Fierce 4 and you might be wondering what's next! In this video we talk about three main goals and how to align fitness with your season of life.

    Goal 1 Recommendations:
    HIIT Challenge

    2 x 2 Challenge -