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Fierce 4: Advanced Level

Fierce 4: Advanced Level

4 workouts every week, 40 minutes per workout. Every workout includes cardio, strength & flexibility...perfectly sequenced to get our bodies in top top shape. A new workouts style every 2 weeks to challenge your body in different ways.

This program is for advanced fitness levels. It is only recommended if you've worked out consistently with MIF for 6+ months, and you have confidence in your fitness abilities. Do not use this program if you are prone to injury, have any medical condition(s), pregnant or you’ve recently had a baby.

Fierce 4 stacks up like this:

Weeks 1-2: rep-based workouts focusing on cardiovascular endurance and strength. Every workout utilizes compound exercises (using multiple muscle groups at once) to increase metabolic demand.

Weeks 3-4: workouts include single-sided exercises so that we find our bodies' imbalances and fix them. Also, includes strength & heart endurance, as well as flexibility.

Week 5: recovery week full of restorative movements, stretching and Pilates. Recovery is one of the most important components of an intense training program.

Weeks 6-7: functional movement patterns and balance. We use some of the exercises from phase one and add balance challenges to increase fitness.

Weeks 8-9: we put it ALL together - strength, endurance, flexibility, functional moves, single-sided exercises, balance challenges and more.

Week 10: increased mobility for a final recovery week.

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Fierce 4: Advanced Level
  • Fierce Phase 4 Upper Body & Core

    You're either gonna love or hate the warm up ... we start off with big challenges - mobility, agility, coordination and cardiovascular. For that reason I recommend using medium dumbbells throughout this timed workout. Sweat your way through five circuits using muscles memory from phases 1-3. Then...

  • Mat Pilates

    Building on the classic mat work from Basic Mat Pilates with an emphasis on equal parts strength and equal parts stretch. We introduce Pilates exercises like the c-curve and stick. These specific cues and progressions allow the body to gain flexibility, strength and balance. This basic mat series...

  • Mat Pilates & Balance

    In this Pilates workout we fire up the posterior chain (glutes and back) for the first 8 minutes, followed by a plank series, then all abs and finishing with a feel-good stretch. We use a hand towel to weave mobility in each move.

  • Mat Pilates with Advanced Flexibility

    Your body is in for a treat! We move through flexibility patterns using the core to stabilize the movement. For the first 10 minutes we work core & mobility in standing positions. Then we take it to the mat for advanced Pilates core work and flexibility.

    This is an advanced Pilates

  • Restorative Stretch

    Maybe you like the idea of yoga, but don't like yoga. These movement patterns are for you! We will stretch your body from head to toe. In this slow, restorative stretch, we hold stretches for longer than usual. This helps to open the tissues and joints to restore your body.

  • Roll & Restore

    We start with rolling through the tissues, then move into longer restorative stretches. Equipment needed: tennis ball, neck tie or hand towel. If you have rolled before you can use a lacrosse ball in place of the tennis ball.

  • Saturday Stretch

    Great as a stand-alone stretch session, or add at the end of a walk or run!

  • Tip: Assisted Pull Ups (6 Ways to do more Pull Ups)

  • Tip: How to set-up an advanced Bulgarian Split Squat

    In our Fierce series we do Bulgarian Split Squats - these are an advanced exercise. Watch this 2 min instructional video so you know how to properly set up your split squat OR replace the split squat with a reverse lunge slider modification.

    You will find this Split Squat in our Advanced Fierce ...

  • Tip: Moderate Cardio

    Perform 20, 30 or 40 minutes of moderate cardio. Moderate Steady-state cardio like jogging, swimming, dancing, or steady state cardio routines like barre, are just as important as the HIIT training. Use any of our barre cardio or kickboxing cardio workouts listed in the Cardio Library below - OR ...

  • Tip: Rest Day

    Rest days are equally as important as "work" days! Think of your rest day as a leisure or active recovery day, not a sedentary-do-no-activity day. Rest helps muscles recover and reduces micro trauma in muscles. In general some movement also reduces soreness, increases blood flow and reduces some ...

  • Tip: Which weights (lbs.) should I be using?

    Use these two exercises to determine which dumbbells you should be using in the MIF workouts.

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