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Getting Started

Getting Started

We want to help you nurture yourself & build confidence. Take the next 90 seconds to get started!

Getting Started
  • Take the Survey: Getting Started

    Which program should I use? Fill out this 90 second survey below and we will set you up with a program that will serve your body, time commitment and lifestyle. Click HERE:

  • Take the Survey: What's Next?

    How can I serve you? You've completed an MIF program and are wondering which one is next. Fill out the entire survey below, or pick and choose which questions you’d like to answer. I will then email what I think serves your body, time commitment and lifestyle best. I am not always on top of my em...

  • Instructor's Course

    Online Prenatal and Postnatal fitness course that can be done anytime, anywhere, on any device, at your own pace. Learn more!

  • Access the Workout Calendar

    Did you know we have several programs laid out for you? We tell you what to do on what day. All you have to do is get your calendar and show up to each workout:) Because this app streams across TVs, computers and mobile devices we had to find a good way to access the calendars. Simply scroll to t...