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Ignite Your Inner Athlete: 5k | Half Marathon

Ignite Your Inner Athlete: 5k | Half Marathon

Have you ever wanted to run a 5k or half marathon? Spark that inner athlete inside of you! Combine strength training, flexibility and running all in one calendar. By integrating resistance and flexibility training into your running routine, you can crush those miles, all while toning up!

Special Equipment needed: 36" foam roller. Never used a foam roller? Try it, your body will love you for it!

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Ignite Your Inner Athlete: 5k | Half Marathon
  • Stretch Dynamic: Running Warm Up

    Take 5 minutes to prepare your body for a run. Great for any distance!

  • Kickbox Tabata

    This is one of those workouts that gives you a mental release, all within the first 8 minutes! We will use 8 different athletic kickboxing moves to elevate the heart rate for a high-energy, sweat dripping cardio workout! HIIT it with these Tabata-style 20 seconds go-time and 10 second recovery in...

  • Hot & Fast HIIT

    Hot and fast! Follow a 20-20-20 HIIT pattern alternating between lower body, upper body and core exercises. A sure fire way to get hot and sweaty in 16 minutes!

  • HIIT & Sweaty

    Hot and sweaty HIIT! This pyramid workout challenges your agility, it challenges your cardiovascular endurance. It strengthens your heart + gives you a mental release! Grab 3 cups (turned upside down) or 3 cones...these will keep you honest through this 22-minute ALL cardio workout...that way you...

  • Athletic Cardio

    8 athletic moves to work the heart muscle.

  • Novice Level 5k Training Calendar

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  • 5k Training Calendar

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  • Half Marathon Training Calendar

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  • Running Guide

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  • Running or Walking Warm Up

    Prior to outdoor exercise -- use these 6 dynamic stretches to prepare your body for outdoor walking or running. Increase range of motion, prevent injuries and warm the heart/muscles for exercise.