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Kids Workouts

Kids Workouts

Fun workouts for you and your kids! Recommended for ages 6-14.

Kids Workouts
  • Kids Workout: Speed & Agility Training

    Speed & agility for kids ages 8-14. Ten timed exercises to challenge your speed, agility, balance, coordination and flexibility. A workout guaranteed to help any athlete become stronger and faster! Equipment needed: a set of cones or plastic cups flipped upside down.

  • Kids Workout: Partner Fun

    A fun partner workout for kids ages 6-14. Mommas, grab your kid and sweat through this 10-exercise full body workout!

  • Kids Workout: Play & Drill

    Kids workout ages 4-12. For the younger kids, grab 8-10 stuffed animals. For the older kids, follow Taylor, she uses no equipment.

  • Kids Workout: AMC

    AMC stands for Agility, Mobility and Core. Move through core-based positions while creating flexibility. Challenge your balance and coordination! For ages 9+.

  • Kids Workout: Grit & Grace

    Spend the first 10 minutes doing power moves like boxing and pushups. Spend the last 10 minutes doing toning and flexibility. Equipment Needed: a sturdy chair, couch, stool or countertop. For ages 10+.

  • Kids Workout: Boot Camp

    Kid-Style Boot Camp! For kids ages 4-12.

  • Kids Workout: Gimme Endorphins

    Give me Endorphins!!! This pyramid-style workout works your heart muscle! For ages 6+.

  • Kids Workout: Supersets

    Move quickly between different strength exercises. Work one muscle group, then while that muscle group is in 'rest', work a different muscle group. For kids ages 4-12.

  • Kids Workout: Pilates

    A fun Pilates workout for kids ages 6-14.

  • Kids Workout: yoga

    A fun yoga workout for kids ages 6-14. No equipment needed.