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Substitutions & Tips

Substitutions & Tips

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Substitutions & Tips
  • Tip: Which weights (lbs.) should I be using?

    Use these two exercises to determine which dumbbells you should be using in the MIF workouts.

  • Lunge Modifications

    Lunges are a great exercise because they are a compound exercise working multiple muscles and multiple joints. But for some this can cause knee pain. The culprit could be improper alignment, weak glutes or weak quadriceps. Try any of these 7 different exercises to see what works best for you. The...

  • Push-Up Substitutions

    5 different exercises you can substitute for push-ups:
    #1 Angled Modified Push-Up (use couch or wall)
    #2 Dumbbells Chest Press
    #3 Dumbbells Chest Cross
    #4 Dumbbells One Arm Fly
    #5 Dumbbells Hinged One Arm Cross Fly

  • Push-Up Progressions

    Push-ups are an advanced exercise. Sometimes we don't have the ab strength, shoulder mobility, shoulder strength or arm strength to perform a push-up. These 5 progressions will give your body tools to eventually perform a standard pushup. We start with core stability, add shoulder strength, then ...

  • Triceps Dip Modifications

    Dips are a wonderful exercise for the triceps (arms), upper back and deltoids (shoulders). If dips bother your wrists or elbows, follow one of these four substitutions.

    #1 Modification - dips using hexagon weights
    #2 Modification - dips using a bench
    #3 Substitution - kneeling triceps extension...

  • Tip: Assisted Pull Ups (6 Ways to do more Pull Ups)

  • Tip: How to set-up an advanced Bulgarian Split Squat

    In our Fierce series we do Bulgarian Split Squats - these are an advanced exercise. Watch this 2 min instructional video so you know how to properly set up your split squat OR replace the split squat with a reverse lunge slider modification.

    You will find this Split Squat in our Advanced Fierce ...

  • Seated Stretches

    We spend ~20-40 minutes exercising, but the other 600 minutes a day are even more important. If you spend a lot of time sitting in a chair, these six stretches are for you!

  • Morning Wake-Up

    Six mobility moves to wake-up your body!

  • Tip: When Planks hurt your Wrists

  • Tip: When Planks Hurt your Back

    Planks are a full body exercise that emphasize core strength. If you tend to feel a plank position in your back, it's not very comfortable. It can be a simple fix! Watch these four fixes to take the strain out of your back while doing a plank:

    #1 Fix
    Quadruped anchoring with your navel and trans...

  • Tip: Pelvic Pain Do's Dont's and Modifications

    Pelvic pain can be tricky to address on your own as there are so many things that impact pelvic mechanics, pelvic floor health, and trauma that occur during pregnancy and delivery. If you are having pelvic pain that is not going away with gentle exercise or stretching, please follow up with a wom...

  • Tip: The Breadloaf Effect

    Doming, coning, the breadloaf...fix this and you will get more out of every crunch and plank.

  • Tip: 4 Ways to Activate the Transverse Abs

    Do you feel like you have a weak core? Do you sometimes feel it in your back when it comes to planks and crunches? Sometimes it's a simple fix -- we need to selectively recruit the transverse abs in core exercises. This instructional video will teach you how to active your deep transverse abs in ...

  • Tip: How to do Rows the Right Way

    Reverse Rows work your back muscles, but the focus should not be on your lower back. Let's go through 3 cues to set your body up for success. Also includes 2 exercises you can use as a substitute -- these exercises recruit the same muscles as rows.

  • Tip: When Crunches Hurt your Back

    If you tend to feel crunches in your back instead of your abs, try this one cue.

  • Tip: How to Activate your Glutes + Why it's Important

    Many of us have glutes that are dormant or inactive. Many of us are 'quad-dominant'. When glutes are under-used, it makes them weak. If the glutes are weak than our body uses stronger muscles to power through movement. This create muscle imbalances, "flat butt", a tilt in the pelvis, pain in join...

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