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Watch this video and more on Moms Into Fitness

Morning Wake-Up

Substitutions & Tips • 6m 51s

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  • Tip: When Planks Hurt your Back

    Planks are a full body exercise that emphasize core strength. If you tend to feel a plank position in your back, it's not very comfortable. It can be a simple fix! Watch these four fixes to take the strain out of your back while doing a plank:

    #1 Fix
    Quadruped anchoring with your navel and trans...

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    Pelvic pain can be tricky to address on your own as there are so many things that impact pelvic mechanics, pelvic floor health, and trauma that occur during pregnancy and delivery. If you are having pelvic pain that is not going away with gentle exercise or stretching, please follow up with a wom...