Postnatal Program

  • Postnatal Phase 1

    25 videos

    Whether you are a seasoned gym bunny or have never worked out before, this 4-phase program is perfect for all moms with babies under 24 months old. You get to choose how long you stay in each phase, or follow our 3-days or 5-days per week calendar.

    Postnatal Phase 1: We’ll start small, allowing ...

  • Postnatal Phase 2

    36 videos

    Postnatal Phase 2: Because you’ll have access to weekly progressive workouts, you can keep advancing as your body starts to feel like its former self. This phase is full of functional exercises because they are super effective, and they train your body for the daily grind! This is a 4-phase prog...

  • Postnatal Phase 3

    40 videos

    Postnatal Phase 3: We will be adding in your more traditional workouts with low, medium and high-impact exercises. Building on phase 2, continue your core progression to maintain a healthy core in all exercises! This is a 4-phase program so it's perfect for all moms with babies under 24 months ...

  • Postnatal Plus+

    19 videos

    Postnatal Plus+ is a library of cardio, toning and flexibility workouts. After completing postnatal phases 1, 2 and 3, postnatal plus+ is just what your body needs before you tackle our other programs. Your body will love it!

    *no calendar is provided