Postnatal Phase 2

Postnatal Phase 2

Postnatal Phase 2: Because you’ll have access to weekly progressive workouts, you can keep advancing as your body starts to feel like its former self. This phase is full of functional exercises because they are super effective, and they train your body for the daily grind! This is a 4-phase program so it's perfect for all moms with babies under 24 months old. You get to choose how long you stay in each phase, or follow our 3-days or 5-days per week calendar.


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Postnatal Phase 2
  • Tip: Core & Posture

    We spend more time standing and sitting than we do working out! Get the most out of the other 12.5 hours a day with 2 standing exercises and 2 bedtime exercises.

  • Cardio Legs & Buns

    This workout is full of healthy leg exercises that will boost your cardiovascular system. These low to medium impact exercises are followed by leg and back flexibility. No equipment needed.

  • Express Core Principles

  • Core Principles

    We are getting to the core of the matter...pun intended:) This is one of our base workouts, where corrective exercise meets traditional to create a healthy core. This workout is part of almost every program we have - it's so important!

  • Dance & Kick

    A pure cardio workout - Dance and Kick – a fun, all-cardio, all-time fave!

  • Stretch: Happy Hips

    A lot of us tend to be tight in the hips, let this quick flexibility segment lengthen and open your hips!

  • Cardio MixBox

    This mix of cardio kickboxing & basic athletic drills is the perfect sweat sesh. A combination of aerobic and anaerobic drills to work your heart in the best way! No equipment needed.

  • Core, Flex & Flow

    Improve your flexibility, while toning your core and glutes, using yoga and Pilates-based movements that will leave you feeling refreshed and invigorated all day long. No equipment needed.

  • TIP: Can I Do Planks?

    Planks are a more advanced exercise. When should you add them to your workout routine?

  • Tip: Running and your Pelvic Floor

    Your core/trunk is a transfer station for everything that goes on in the body. Running dramatically increases the amount of force through the core, pelvic floor and legs. Starting running too soon can wreak havoc on your pelvic floor (PF). Its primary job is to keep that baby in and then

  • Tip: How do I know I need Physical Therapy?

    PT’s specialize in the musculoskeletal system and how it has to ALL work together for efficient and pain free motion. Our bodies are REALLY good at compensating, and it is so helpful to have someone who is skilled in finding those compensations, correcting them and showing you how to keep them fr...

  • Daily Tip: activating the deep Transverse Abs

    The secret to a healthy core!

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