Programs for Advanced

  • Pretty Fierce

    17 videos

    A pure hybrid of the latest and greatest exercise methods. We use a combination of HIIT, Tabata, Shredding, Flexibility and large/small muscle split training.

    So does doing harder, more efficient workouts mean a novice cannot do this program? Heck no! It’s a progressive program, and you will s...

  • Fierce Sports & Movement

    15 videos

    At MIF, our goal is to nurture each other and build confidence no matter where you are in your fitness and nutritional journey. That's why we have programs that fit every stage of life - any stage of motherhood - whether you are new to this working out thing or a seasoned athlete. For this progra...

  • Pretty Fierce Hybrid: progressing from Sports & Movement to Extreme

    16 videos

    You've completed Pretty Fierce Sports & Movement and you're ready for more! Maybe you're ready for Pretty Fierce Extreme, but not quite yet! Use this 3-week program to prepare for Pretty fierce Extreme.

    PREREQUISITE: Pretty Fierce Sports & Movement

  • Pretty Fierce Extreme

    18 videos

    Have you dreamed of being an athlete again? Or taking off the last 5-15 pounds? Well it takes the combination of training methods. You don’t train your biceps by doing the same curls everyday — the same goes for your heart.

    Join 5 moms just like you. A breast cancer survivor, a mom of twins, a...

  • Pretty Fierce Hybrid: a fun combination of all 3 Pretty Fierce programs

    24 videos

    A fun combination of all 3 Pretty Fierce programs!

    PREREQUISITE: Pretty Fierce and Pretty Fierce Sports & Movement