• Stories: Heavy or Light Weights ... what does the research say?

  • Stories: 2 steps to simplify nutrition

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    Intermittent Fasting: is it for me?

    Start by making two homemade, wholesome meals. I recommend one pan or crock pot recipes. You can find all of our recipes here:

  • Stories: Diet Rant

    You might have seen my ‘passionate’ diet rant before I’ve watched fitness professionals, whom I adore, ridicule mamas for eating birthday cake at an event or chip n’ guac at a restaurant #cantlivewithoutchipsnguac. Say what?!?! Here at Moms Into Fitness, we seek balance. We need to show our kids...

  • Stories: Why I left social media

    Why I left social media…sort of. This summer I unplugged from social media and I found a lot of value in it. After much prayer, I think I can serve you in a better way.

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