Summer Playlist: Week of June 28

Summer Playlist: Week of June 28

Back by popular demand ... the Summer Playlist! Summer is a time to be with your family, slow down, and relax by the pool and bar-b-q. We want to come alongside and help you achieve balance while indulging in all the awesomeness of summer. The Playlist provides four workouts a week, no longer than 40 minutes per workout. You pick when you do them! I will load the week ahead on Sunday night. You plan your week with tested, powerful workouts to help you stay fit all summer long. Let's do this!

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Summer Playlist: Week of June 28
  • Hot and Fast Arms & Abs

    We move through a timed workout without rest. You choose your pace! My goal is to keep your heart rate elevated (improving heart and lung function) while toning your arms and abs. This is a FUN workout! Equipment needed: one set of medium dumbbells - preferably the hexagon shaped dumbbells.

  • Lower Body Dumbbells

    Target your buns and legs with 6 exercises. We will do 4 standing exercises and 2 floor exercises.

    Equipment needed: resistance loop, medium to heavy weights.

  • Boxing Barre

    Elevate the heart rate while toning your arms and abs through boxing & barre moves! We move through weighted barre moves, weighted boxing moves, cardio kickboxing and finish with toning moves for the core and arms. This workout is choreographed so your heart rate stays elevated throughout the ent...

  • Cross Training Intervals

    8 full body exercises - with the option to add 4 running intervals. This workout is sure to rev the heart rate (with or without the running option)! We use functional movement patterns in different planes of motion to create healthy muscles. Equipment needed: resistance loop and mat.