Summer Playlist: Week of June 7

Summer Playlist: Week of June 7

Back by popular demand ... the Summer Playlist! Summer is a time to be with your family, slow down, and relax by the pool and bar-b-q. We want to come alongside and help you achieve balance while indulging in all the awesomeness of summer. The Playlist provides four workouts a week, no longer than 40 minutes per workout. You pick when you do them! I will load the week ahead on Sunday night. You plan your week with tested, powerful workouts to help you stay fit all summer long. Let's do this!

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Summer Playlist: Week of June 7
  • Lower Body Fit & Strong

  • Upper Body Fit & Strong

  • Glute Building

    Six strength exercises for your glutes! Your posterior chain will light up with instructions on turning on your glutes (instead of those quads!). The first three weighted exercises target your glute max, followed by three floor exercises targeting the glute max and glute med. We finish it off wit...

  • Dance, Kick & Core

    Torch calories as you sculpt your core with Dance and Kick Cardio Core – a fun, all-time fave of mine! – which incorporates dance moves with lower impact exercises to keep you on your toes. This workout comes from our Summer Shape Up program.

    Equipment needed: advanced level will need core slide...