Summer Playlist: Week of May 31

Summer Playlist: Week of May 31

Back by popular demand ... the Summer Playlist! Summer is a time to be with your family, slow down, and relax by the pool and bar-b-q. We want to come alongside and help you achieve balance while indulging in all the awesomeness of summer. The Playlist provides four workouts a week, no longer than 40 minutes per workout. You pick when you do them! I will load the week ahead on Sunday night. You plan your week with tested, powerful workouts to help you stay fit all summer long. Let's do this!

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Summer Playlist: Week of May 31
  • Functional HIIT

    In order to strengthen any muscle you have to load it—that means that you have to work it beyond the point of its previous condition. We do this in a healthy, functional way that mimics sport movement patterns. This workout is sure to fire up your heart rate as we move through 6 different exercis...

  • Kickbox Tabata

    This is one of those workouts that gives you a mental release, all within the first 8 minutes! We will use 8 different athletic kickboxing moves to elevate the heart rate for a high-energy, sweat dripping cardio workout! HIIT it with these Tabata-style 20 seconds go-time and 10 second recovery in...

  • Full Body Core Circuit

    This toning/cardio circuit is all about the core. We add a unique twist to traditional exercises, mixed with agility training.

    Equipment needed: one set of light or medium weights. If you are following the advanced level you need a resistance loop.

    PREREQUISITE: we highly recommend using this w...

  • EMOM Cardio

    EMOM stands for every minute on the minute, a type of HIIT training. In this fun, sweat-dripping intermediate to advanced workout, you will maximize your cardiovascular endurance! We set a set number of repetitions for each minute and aim to complete those reps as the workout progresses.