Weekly Schedule

Weekly Schedule

The weekly playlist helps you outline your fitness with your goals for the week. Planning for 3 days this week? Pick the first 3 workouts. 4 days? Pick the first 4 workouts. 5 days - try all 5 workouts.

Every Friday, we create a new playlist and you determine where you line up! No judgement, no planning, just nurturing yourself as you feel appropriate. Workouts are 20-30 minutes in length.

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Weekly Schedule
  • Holiday HIIT Functional Training

    Rev your heart muscle with these strength-based exercises. We will be using tons of functional movement patterns to keep your body healthy.

    Use your own Christmas music or try my favorite Christmas Tunes -
    Joy to the World (Joyful, Joyful) by Phil Wickham
    All Creation Sing (Joy to the World) by ...

  • Sport Cardio Box

    This high-intensity mix of cardio kickboxing and basic athletic drills is the perfect sweat sesh. A combination of aerobic and anaerobic drills to work your heart in the best way! No equipment is necessary, but I do recommend 2 plastic cups or cones.

  • Functional HIIT

    In order to strengthen any muscle you have to load it—that means that you have to work it beyond the point of its previous condition. We do this in a healthy, functional way that mimics sport movement patterns. This workout is sure to fire up your heart rate as we move through 6 different exercis...

  • Boxing Barre

    Elevate the heart rate while toning your arms and abs through boxing & barre moves! We move through weighted barre moves, weighted boxing moves, cardio kickboxing and finish with toning moves for the core and arms. This workout is choreographed so your heart rate stays elevated throughout the ent...

  • Barre Lower Body Strength & Stretch

    This barre class is jam packed with dynamic moves targeting all muscles in your lower body, specifically those smaller muscle groups like the glutes medius. With a mix of long and strong moves and tiny-targeted moves, your lower body will get the maximum workout in just 27 minutes. Equipment need...