Weekly Playlist

Weekly Playlist

We've created the weekly playlist which outlines your fitness aligned with your goals for the week. On Sundays, we create a playlist for the week and you determine where you line up! No judgement, no planning, just nurturing yourself as you feel appropriate. We have a workout-per-day option or four individual types:

High-Flyer Five: Give me 5 workouts for the week! You'll get a mixture of intensity to feed your body well. From HIIT to flexibility.
Go-Getter: I have time and want to work out 4x this week.
Busy But Here: My plate is full but I want to move 3x this week. [use the first 3 workouts in the list]
Ain't Gonna Happen: I'm over-committed but would like to do something, I think?!?! We are going to make these two workouts count with intensity. [use the first 2 workouts in the list]

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Weekly Playlist
  • Full Body Core Circuit

    This toning/cardio circuit is all about the core. We add a unique twist to traditional exercises, mixed with agility training.

    Equipment needed: one set of light or medium weights. If you are following the advanced level you need a resistance loop.

    PREREQUISITE: we highly recommend using this w...

  • Burst Cardio

  • Upper Body Barre

  • Barre Glutes

    This barre class is jam packed with unique and dynamic moves targeting the glutes. Add a small 2 lb. weight to get the most out of this workout. Equipment needed: one light weight and a sturdy chair.

  • Stronger Full Body 3 (body weight)