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November 21
• Edited (Nov 21, 2023)

Piriformis injury

I have injured my piriformis, I'm guessing with excessive exercise, or moving into running too quickly without the strength for it. I saw an orthopedist for diagnosis and go to pt and an getting lots of conflicting advice, even from different therapists at the same office. Do you have any advice on what work outs I can do so I don't lose all my progress? I've worked out for years, but more intensely and regularly for about a year. Thanks!

November 02

I love, love, LOVE the holiday workouts, Lindsay!!! 💜 Will you be adding any new ones this season?! 🎄💪🏻😀

May 20
• Edited (May 20, 2023)

I am thrilled that you've put your trust in me. Your workout time is precious and I don't take that for granted. I know we will serve you and your body well! This 'community' spot is a place you can ask anything. We believe that when we feel good and nurture ourselves, it’s contagious to everyone around!

We are a small business that is here to serve you. We are also moms that strive to put our faith and our families we are usually here on the weekdays during business hours.

Our team of ten is made up of seven moms;

Jen takes care of comms,

Lindsay creates workouts for moms,

Jess thrives in the social scene,

Jaime designs like a queen,

Stephanie is our registered dietitian,

Rachel & Megan, our PTs, love to serve,

knowing that moms deserve,

to feel good!

Dan and Bill run our production team to make sure our videos are great quality. We also have an entire technical team dedicated to making things run smoothly in-app and online.

If you have a private message, please email

If you have an operations or technical question, please email

November 24

Holiday Tips: Recovery

The days after a holiday can be filled with guilt. Here are my 5 tips to get you back on track. 


Holiday Tips: Recovery

November 28

Thank you, Lindsay and MIF team for being a part of my regular routine since 2013! 4 babies later, I’m in the best shape of my life. Yay. 2023 has been full of some of my fav programs. Love the recent weekly schedule. I’m feeling stronger, more flexible and increased mobility. And most importantly not exhausted keeping up with the kiddos and all their sports/activities. Thank you for keeping me motivated!

I love all the pdf calendar so I can physically cross off each workout when it’s completed. Do you have a calendar for the last several weeks of the year or a blank calendar I can fill in myself? Thanks again for all you do!

November 26

We are heading to Disney World in about 2 months. I'm horribly out of shape. Best workout/s to help me prepare for the marathon that is Disney?

November 26

Does anyone have the pdf calendar for the Pretty Fierce Sports and Movement program? I know some of the workouts are on this platform but I can’t find the calendar. Thanks in advance!

November 20

Tennis elbow! I seem to have developed tennis elbow on my left arm and I’m not sure how - have been doing MIF workout for two years with no injuries! I am now doing daily stretches as recommended by the GP (we don’t have easy access to PTs) but I would love some advice on whether and how to continue with work outs. Im avoiding exercises that cause pain but that also means only working one side. Any tips?

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NEW Calendar Feature AND Printable Calendars! Your mobile phone will be updating with our new calendar feature. It's super easy to use. Go to any program > click the 3 dots > add to calendar. Sure, our programs are laid out by week/day, but this simplifies it if you're looking to line up your week. I've attached some screenshots so you can see how it's done. This calendar feature is in Beta testing so it doesn't have all the bells and whistles...yet...but it's super convenient.

Also, our printable PDF calendars are back! You can find these in two places, depending on the device you're using. You will see a 'resources' tab with the printable calendar. You will also see a link to the calendar in the description. These calendars are available for all 2-10 week programs. They are not available in collections by type or body part.

April 26

All apps have been published 😀 We submitted our apps on Friday and some stores did not publish them as expected.

If you are having any issues … please email We will make sure you have access! 

The Weekly Schedule … is my MOST FAVORITE update. You will love the new workouts each week. It will serve your body so well. I recommend giving it a try!