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What our customers are saying


Lindsay made exercising several days a week somehow seem manageable, even in the midst of working and parenting 2 little ones. Completing these programs gave me confidence that I can find time to exercise, even when it seems difficult. It has helped me to be healthier, less critical of myself, and try to be a good fitness role model for my kids including doing two family 5K races this summer.


I just wanted to say thank you for your positive attitude and encouragement throughout your videos. You are realistic and encouraging and you always make me feel like I can accomplish my goals.


Thank you Moms Into Fitness for an awesome postnatal program that helps us rebuild our strength in a safe and effective manner!


I hiked 2,768 steps today on the Manitou Incline in Colorado. Lindsay recommended Barre Sport to help me prepare for it. All the glute work in that program really helped!


I am down to a weight I have not been in about 7 years and stronger than ever. I can now do push-ups on my toes easily and did my first Tough Mudder this summer.


Yesterday, we completed a 4 mile difficult hike. Two years ago I wouldn’t have made it through the first 10 min. This hike took us 3 hours and I still felt great. Life circumstances will definitely shift your perspective. Health is no longer a body image thing for me. I’m so grateful to be where I am today!


As a busy working mom of three I never made time for myself and put on a lot of weight. When I found moms into fitness I figured I could give it a try. The programs are short and sweet and work! I found that as I dedicated less than an hour a day to myself I was able to be a much better mom and wife. More than anything I have learned that I am important too.